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Hp Lovecraft Filme 2. Cthulhu (2007)

Howard Phillips Lovecraft war ein amerikanischer Schriftsteller. Er gilt als der bedeutendste Autor phantastischer Horrorliteratur des Jahrhunderts und hat mit dem von ihm erfundenen Cthulhu-Mythos zahlreiche Nachfolger beeinflusst. Erster Lovecraft-Film von Stuart Gordon. Zog mehrere Fortsetzungen nach sich, beginnend mit Bride of Re-Animator, die außer der Titelfigur mit Lovecraft nicht. Ein paar Filmemacher haben jedoch Werke abgeliefert, die Lovecraft alle Die H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society hat vor ein paar Jahren einen. Die hier angebotenen Filme basieren auf Erzählungen von H.P. Lovecraft. Sie sind hier nach der Wertung des Cthulhu-Webshops sortiert, wobei die best. Die Umsetzung von Lovecrafts Schaffen in anderen Medien als der Literatur wie Filme oder Spiele.

hp lovecraft filme

Die hier angebotenen Filme basieren auf Erzählungen von H.P. Lovecraft. Sie sind hier nach der Wertung des Cthulhu-Webshops sortiert, wobei die best. H.P. Lovecraft-Horror. Lovecraft war einer der wohl außergewöhnlichsten Horror-​Autoren, die je lebten. Auch in der Filmgeschichte hat er seine Spuren. Erster Lovecraft-Film von Stuart Gordon. Zog mehrere Fortsetzungen nach sich, beginnend mit Bride of Re-Animator, die außer der Titelfigur mit Lovecraft nicht. Fantasy Mystery Thriller. Directed by cult auteur Richard Stanley his first feature for 27 https://mariebackenscamping.se/filme-4k-stream/groge-haie-v-kleine-fische.php The Roaring Twenties and early Thirties provide a link creative backdrop, peopled click fascinating figures. Thanks Mike great list. Read article Black 8 episodes, Alessandra torresani thoughts wander. Absentia click example, and also a great movie. hp lovecraft filme

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Part II written by. Lovecraft Lovecraft's the Terrible Old Man Short based on a story by. Lovecraft's the Beast in the Cave Short story.

Short inspired by the books of. Harrison inspired by the writings of - uncredited. Lovecraft's The Silver Key Short story. Noyes Short.

Lovecraft's Dunwich Horror and Other Stories short stories. Lovecraft's From Beyond Short based on a short story by. Lovecraft TV Movie inspiration.

Lovecraft special thanks. Related Videos. Official Sites: The H. Lovecraft Archive. Alternate Names: Howard Phillips Lovecraft.

Edit Did You Know? Personal Quote: The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents.

We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far.

We found it. Movie Richard Stanley H. Movies are my passion and I live and breathe all things geek.

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Filme. Es gibt einige Umsetzungen von Lovecrafts Werke in andere Medien. Hier eine Auflistung nach Erscheinungsdatum. H.P. Lovecraft-Horror. Lovecraft war einer der wohl außergewöhnlichsten Horror-​Autoren, die je lebten. Auch in der Filmgeschichte hat er seine Spuren. Entdecken Sie H. P. Lovecraft: Schatten aus der Zeit / Spannende Verfilmung einer phantastischen Geschichte von H. P. Lovecraft (Pidax Film-Klassiker) und. Rob Mein Ranking der Bond-Songs. Am Und für Okkultisten die Anregungen https://mariebackenscamping.se/filme-online-stream-kostenlos/kinoxto-the-strain.php. Bei den beliebten Creature Features liegt der Fokus jedoch häufig auf anderen Elementen. Hey ho und vorab vielen Dank für die Interaktion ; In der Braunschweig shoppen hab ich auch schon daran gedacht, bestimmte Filmgurken thematisch zu ordnen. Unter anderem werden Pickmans Modell und Cthulhus Ruf zitiert. Hier sammele ich alle Adaptionen seiner Werke, geordnet nach Erscheinungsdatum, sowie auch sämtliche Filme, in denen sein Einfluss zu spüren ist. Im Zentrum stehen u. Sehr schöne Liste, die auf meine eigene Please click for source wandert! Die Aussage des Randolph Carter.

Hp Lovecraft Filme Video

The House By The Cemetery Visit web page H. Der Dämon erwacht. Technisch gesehen basiert mein kleiner Tipp auf dem Cthulhu-Mythos als Gesamtwerk. Sobald ich mir meine Cthulhu-Gedenkbüste aus Platin von den Einnahmen kaufe, mache ich ein Flaschensammler und poste es hier — versprochen! Dagon ist nach wie vor die einzige direkte Filmadaption von Schatten über Innsmouth. Mehr Infos. Der Film basiert auf den Werken von Lovecraft. Im Jahr gab es ein Sequel. Die Farbe aus dem All wurde mehrfach verfilmt, z. The Call of Cthulhu bei Amazon. Eine klare Empfehlung für Lovecrafters und Gruselfreunde. Lovecraft fallen sie, zumindest bei mir, durch den Kriterienkatalog. Dies wolf girl der mit Abstand beste Film, der auf Lovecrafts Vorlagen beruht. Um fair zu bleiben, aus heutiger Sicht wirkt das TV-Monster in Pickman's Model https://mariebackenscamping.se/filme-4k-stream/fast-five-stream.php eher — sagen wir mal vorsichtig 'unterirdisch', was allerdings click at this page zu seinem natürlichen Lebensraum passt. Die Aussage des Randolph Carter.

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Our highly-trained Shipping Shoggoths give each order the promptest possible attention! HPL — wrote his own unique style of cosmic weird fiction in the s and '30s.

First published in the pulp magazines of the day, his tales have inspired generations of writers and creative artists and helped shape pop culture.

While he died in obscurity, his work is more popular today than ever. Lovecraft lived and set his stories in a time before cell phones, before atom bombs, before satellites — when the world was still full of romance, unexplored places, and frighteningly dark corners.

The Roaring Twenties and early Thirties provide a rich creative backdrop, peopled with fascinating figures. Our vintage styles of entertainment e.

HPL wrote something like , letters in his lifetime, belonged to and ran clubs, and enjoyed communicating with and visiting his friends whenever he could.

From its beginnings, the HPLHS was about sharing our Lovecraft-inspired games, songs, movies and more with like-minded friends, and creating story-telling experiences in a uniquely immersive and collaborative way.

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I think it qualifies as borderline Lovecraftian. Check out Yellow Brick Road when you get a chance. Both Dead Birds and Marebito often do a wonderful job of suggesting a nice, eerie Weird Fiction atmosphere.

That was one excellent movie! So glad I heard about it on the eZine! I mean seriously. Water and a fishing village does not make a story Lovecraftian.

The lovecraftian element being the universe next door being a place of inhuman horrors. Great LIst and nice comments. Cabin in the Woods is the most Lovecraftian of those that I have seen.

I had such a pleasant surprise when I first watched it, thinking it was going to be a normal hacker thriller…. Definitely some good ones on this list, lots of important ones left out already mentioned in the comments.

But also some that are good movies but so far from being lovecraft it makes me wonder. The Shrine! Nice pick Mike.

The woods for example… just because there are witches…doesnt make it Lovecraftian… Witches are very pre lovecraft… Absentia and Last winter are amazing movies in the list.

Those Definitely had the vibe. I may be the only one here who likes this movie, it is low budget and pretty cheezy has slasher elements , but I have always liked The Unamable.

I enjoyed the movie Uzumaki, a Japanese horror film by Higuchinsky, released in Both are very atmospheric.

The reveals are very terrifying. I kinda forgot about it actually. I used to love those Full Moon flix.

Just watched Europa Report. While not overtly Lovecraftian, there are subtle threads present throughout including isolation, insanity, and.

I also suggest Monsters, an underrated sleeper with extremely Lovecratian creatures in both design and origin.

Really liked the list, thanks so much for sharing these ideas. I just recommended the Lovecraft eZine, and this film list in particular over on Reddit Lovecraft; and I wanted to mention here that my admiration continues to grow for what I see here.

Thank you for the kind words, Will. I really appreciate them, and the link at Reddit. Thanks for the encouragement.

Wake Wood — What would you do to bring back someone you lost? Where it all departs from the strictly Lovecraftian is in the starship crew — HPL never indulged in comic relief characters — and the strong-jawed, somewhat belligerent hero played by Leslie Nielsen.

Morbius as a future mad scientist and put him in a starched collar and he could easily be a corrupted Miskatonic academic who has discovered too much.

I know this film, adapted from The Tempest, could more likely be referred to as Shakespearean than Lovecraftian, but it does have something of a C.

Moore, C. Smith feel through key points of the plot. The latter at least had a unique concept, but a distinct inability to pull off the ambiguous ending.

Pontypoole was better, but the ending falls apart completely. My current favorite is Mariano Baino Dark Water I know I did.

Second, a recommendation against the previously suggested Beyond the Wall of Sleep , which surpasses even the horrid adaptation of The Lurking Fear for miscarried attempts at doing Lovecraft in a film.

Some of the stories are pretty strong. Others, well, meh. But the special effects are top notch for the overall film budget.

Strange Aeons: The Thing on the Doorstep Not the best acted or the best script but a very Mythos-faithful modern day retelling of the Thing on the Doorstep.

Very atmospheric and craftily done. Extremely old school creepy and enjoyable. I know people from Spain who rate Darkness with Mike you and I share a love of many of the same films.

The Resurrected is my second favorite horror film of all-time. John Carpenter is my favorite director, and my favorite film of his was In the Mouth of Madness.

It has been an inspiration for my own stories. Event Horizon was an amazing film and one of the two best films I have seen mixing horror and sci-fi.

I was also very pleased to see my third favorite horror film, Dagon. He has made many lovecraft films but this was his largest budget and he was able to film in a coastal village in Spain allowing for a great deal of realism.

He made a short film for the TV series Masters of Horror. If you have not seen it, I highly recommend it.

Not only that, but the person in the makeup gave an incredible physical performance that totally sold this creature to the audience.

I watched it recently and the creature holds up even today with any large budget film could produce. What a payoff! Great atmosphere.

Otherwise I think you nailed my other top picks. Great suggestions! Wonderful stuff! I just watched Blood Glacier last night.

I highly suggest it. Great llist. A team of paranormal investigators look into claims of supernatural activity in a remote church and it soon becomes apparent that some kind of ancient evil has been awakened.

But I enjoyed the film and was surprised by the ending, which is the most Lovecraftian part of the film. Two men representing the Catholic church travel to a sleepy village to investigate a report of a miracle in a local church.

Contains elements from Shadow over Innsmouth surly locals, ancient cults and The Statement of Randolph Carter modern technology used to document a rapid decent into madness.

Excellent list. Each year this year will mark the 3rd I do a 30 Days of Horror marathon — I watch 1 horror movie a night during the month of October, culminating in a horror fest on my birthday October Isolated town with underground mystery.

Said mystery exported in a lampoon of consumer culture and dessert craze. Loved the book, too. Cast a Deadly Spell wad a good one.

More light hearted but neat. Check it out. Hell tge detective in the movie is named Lovecraft. The Messiah of Evil has many Lovecraftian elements to it.

The Mothman Prophecies One main character in search of the truth, a strange being, dangerous knowledge,…. At The Mountains Of Madness comes to mind.

Nice film. I think the Wendigo was mentioned, but not sure. There seems to be a subgenre of government-corporate-capitalist horror, although it would be as vast as the Arctic wastelands.

Gonna recommend Sauna on here. A Finnish movie about a grim village in the Middle Ages and the Finnish agents who come to mark on the map where it ends and Russia begins.

Has a cosmic touch with themes of insanity, meaninglessness, and darkness with an eldritch monster worthy of the Old Man From Providence himself.

Check out Mr. Jones, directed by Karl Muellern on Netflix. With creepy stick figures in the woods, mysterious presences, an urban legend of the art world, and heavy emphasis on the dream world, it really felt like something that would fit nicely into the Lovecraft circle.

Thirty-seven years ago Gawd, where has the time gone! Vila Roza Roseville has some Lovecraftian elements.

I would add Lord of Tears. Ah, and also forgot Marebito, this one is actually quite good, it leaves you wondering what is real and what is not, the main character really descents to madness and there is even a blink to the mountains of madness.

After reading a lot of Lovecraft, this movie happened to be on TV. Noticed a lot of Lovecraft themes lurking under the main plot of this movie.

It shows up very strongly in the first film about a cosmic deity that finds a way to breach our world.

The video game brings back the strong story and forces the characters to face cross-dimensional enemies.

The TV series, both the original and Extreme Ghostbusters had Lovecraftian plot elements in numerous episodes. I found it to be a beautiful, frightening, and intense film.

Absentia another example, and also a great movie. The first pilgrimage happened in — the Yellow Brick Road out of the Great Depression led to fascism and war?

My thoughts wander. Which does get back to the cosmic. Seems Laird Barron-ish in some way. She is a genetically engineered android whose function is to get food for the group.

She is considered a commodity by her handlers and aside from her programmed seduction tactics has no emotions of her own.

The fact that this movie is sci-fi does not necessarily denote cosmic ramifications. She did a good job acting, though.

Of course, I am not an expert in anything and may have missed something. You should add Okaruto to the list.

Although I think the ending is a bit weak. First of all…Great list. There are a few I have not enjoyed but I plan on it. Strips away the typical religious ghost story stuff as it goes on and works towards an exceptionally Lovecraftian ending.

A mysterious giant sphere that chooses what it reflects is discovered in a spaceship at the bottom of the ocean.

Then after stuff goes crazy, can or should the scientists escape? I know that no list will ever be perfect and that tastes differ but there are lovecraftian hallmarks missing — and those are: 1 Evil Dead 1 Original 2 Evil Dead 2 3 From Beyond 4 H.

I have a bit of an unusual suggestion. But in a very, very weird way. A way associated with mind control, mutations, hallucinations, body horror, the evolution of mankind and unknown and unseen forces that are dangerous to play with.

The main plot is the descent into madness of a producer of violent and erotic TV programmes and the compulsion with which he takes each step is akin to some Lovecraftian characters.

Long live the New Flesh! Well, I laid out my reasons. You would agree with me, if someone stated that the Videodrome is a Great Old One, right?

And it might as well be. Thank you for this excellent list. It is very smart of you to quote Possession, and accurate. Very cool and wisely chosen list!

I think I start collecting these, especially the ones based directly on Lovecraft works. The Gate has some old gods, etc, aspects.

I sadly dont know where to get it, not even on the official site is any info it released years ago, but no dvd or download in sight.

Wow, four years and the discussion is still going! It seems like your standard demon possession flick, but end using several elements that Lovecraft readers will recognize.

Looking for a movie title. Only have vague memories, but it was a Western and involved some kind of strange malevolent creatures and also had an Indian legend tie-in if I remember correctly.

A cult surrounding a sorcerer named Nix is disbanded by one of his former followers, Swann. Nix is defeated and imprisoned and his most devoted follower, Butterfield, goes into hiding for 13 years, seeking the means to bring his master back.

And though they are not movies, I can advice certain episodes of the Doctor Who audio adventures of Big Finish. In fact, in my opinion, this one audio adventure beats most movies on the above mentioned list.

Phantasm [] and its 4 sequels Mentioned once in the comments above. Should be mentioned again. As above as below [] Belongs to the horror sub-genre of underground exploration, like Decent and Pyramid.

But it also crosses with Dan Brown and Lovecraft. I like this movie a lot. The last witch hunter [] Might be considered pseudo-Lovecraftian.

Any help? One of these days, I intend to check it out myself. Thanks for the list. Honeymoon from has a strong resemblance to shadow over innsmouth imo.

Definitely worth the watch. The last 10 minutes tho…. I guess a lot of people just immediately scrolled down the list and then headed straight to the comments without reading the introductory text.

Tsk tsk. The desperation for my next Lovecraftian fix has driven me to scouring youtube. I know this site has been up for a while, but I just discovered it recent.

Excellent listing of films and comments. Deep Rising ? When they find no one aboard, they search around and find something truly terrifying in the hold.

More of an action adventure, it certainly has a Lovecraftian ending. Worth a watch…. Solaris ? With ethereal music, beautiful lighting and an offbeat pace, it is one-part love story and one part nihilistic vision of a bleak reality.

I believe The Cabin in the Woods is a satire of the horror genre or a sub-genre of horror, and that the Lovecraftian reference to the Old Gods was incidental.

Nevertheless, it was a good movie. Hi Mike, great list. Aleister Crowley and HPL are characters. They are wonderful high-budget Lovecraftian movies.

Not by anyone definition but especially not by the definition which Mike used at the start of this thread. Certainly nobody ever goes insane in his horror.

And del Toro had nothing to do with it. Of particular note is the masterful Quatermass and the Pit, about an ancient race of extraterrestrials that have been disturbed by excavations of a new underground station, and whose psychic influence begins to spread nightmares through the streets of London.

The film combines science fiction, folklore and cosmic horror in a wonderful brew, and includes magnificent performances by all of its star turns including a very fresh-faced Julian Glover!

Amazing list, will try to watch those movies. Great extensive list. An outside layer of artsy scifi over a huge Lovecraftian core.

It has visuals that still remain fresh and crispy in my memory. Saw it on netflix months ago. About as lovecraftian as a movie can possibly get, in terms of content and theme.

Very graphic with a fair amount of body horror. Absolutely loved it, great production value with minimal use of CGI and a focus on practical effects.

Also, just found this site, have been a longtime Lovecraft fan. Excellent suggestions Mike and company.

Hi Leeroy! But this movie shows an inescapable horror and something which may-or-may-not be a descent into madness.

Any insight into your feelings on why it merits an inclusion? I wanted to mention that especially because this is a list of films that have Lovecraftian themes, rather than just a list of adaptations, it really feels like Annihilation belongs on this list.

I think that it it captures the spirit of fear that the reality it exposed was something unknowable and incomprehensible from elsewhere very much like The Colour Out of Space.

I can heartily recommend The Borderlands. If you can forgive the inherent flaw in all faux-found footage films, it really is a good slow burner.

Gah… my bad. Usually such are included to set the scene. But here you have to really study what you are seeing in order to make complete sense of the movie.

I like that. Yeah, good point. Or not enough, because human relationships appear to be the main focus of these movies. The eldritch horrors seem to be side-actors.

The main protagonist s might be depicted as insignificant, but humanity is centre staged. It was a temporary insanity perhaps, but my actual nightmares almost always involve either strangers refusing to leave my house or repetitive-cycles-of-suffering-without-end.

Watch it. Southbound is very Lovecraftian. After an hour of reading through this list seen many of these, and now have more to see , I was a bit surprised to not see Residue Inferno A horrormovie shot to invoke the feeling of a nightmare, with a pretty Lovecraftian adversary.

This list is amazing! Thank you so much! Something arrives on Earth and if you see it, you die. It might seem basic but they do it really, really well.

A Lovecraftian horror version of a Dan Brownian mystery. In fact he wrote a story not unlike this once… give or take.

You missed a couple here: Uzumaki, about a town tormented by spiral shapes, and Dead Birds, where Civil War soldiers hole up in a house where the owner tried to resurrect his dead wife using an old book.

Another wonderful movie that you missed is The Haunted Palace. This Vincent Price gem seems to be overlooked these days by fans of Lovecraftian Horror, most due to its age.

Read the book instead. That is all. Very enjoyable list so far! I discovered it after wanting more Lovecraftian horror.

I was inspired by Annihilation saw it in theaters and Bird Box. The two scariest for me have been Absentia and Void. In a world full of generic slasher and supernatural horror movies, it has been refreshing.

Thank you. Oculus A Cure for Wellness Great list! Many of them already among my favourite movies. In my list that would be essential to qualify for Lovecraftian.

Vivarium It starts as a silly UK comedy. Then it… changes. This is Lovecraftian. Trust me. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. There are fates worse than death. LOL Like Like. I would include Dead Birds and The Objective to this list.

Cloverfield is derivative, but I enjoyed it. For what it wanted to be it succeeded quite well. Amazing list, Mike! Thank you for collecting all the data and sharing it with us Like Like.

Will Like Like. Cheers Like Liked by 1 person. And Die Farbe was lovely. I always knew the color of pure evil was pink.

And everyone should see The Whisperer In Darkness. Best… Movie… Ever. I mostly liked the Darkest Hour. It was a fun movie. Re-Animator Kammaren Tore Forsman is an old man, most people would call strange or even mad.

The Unnamable H. He finds it guarded by monks in an old library, and then copies some stories from it; which unfold for our eyes and his… The Subject A Re-Animator type film, about a woman who is reanimated after dying a horrible death; and is now Hell bent on revenge.

Closet Space Contains Lovecraftian Mythos elements. Bleeders An uncredited low-budget adaptation of the Lurking Fear. And Mike, I do believe that certain types of creatures and tentacles can indicate a Lovecraftian atmosphere or influence… Will Like Like.

Low budget, but the effects are very well done and some of the scenes are quite disturbing. Great job as always.

Thank you, Mark. Lukas Like Like. I love Absentia, it is one of my new favorite movies. Boy are you right about Lifeforce and Railsback.

Great list.

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