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Auch Monkey D. Ruffy, den seit frühester Kindheit das Treiben der Seeleute fasziniert. Jegliche Versuche, auf einem der Schiffe anzuheuern, scheitern jedoch kläglich.

One Piece Auf zur Reverie! One Piece Der Weg zur Reverie! One Piece Helft Zounisha! One Piece Ein Schwur zwischen Männern!

One Piece Zou muss verteidigt werden! One Piece Eine flüchtige Begegnung! One Piece: Story Arcs. One Piece Fischmenscheninsel-Arc Folge One Piece Nachkriegszeit-Arc Folge One Piece Zou-Arc Folge - Alles anzeigen mehr anzeigen.

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However, Luffy decides to go to Big Mom's territory and ask Sanji whether or not he wants to get married, forcing Pekoms to take him along despite the lion mink's pleas.

Luffy then meets Nekomamushi and reunites with the Heart Pirates. Law pulls him aside and Luffy reveals his intention to enter Big Mom's territory, but Law reminds him that Kaido knows Zou's location and is very likely to attack them in the future.

Law's concern for Zou moves the Guardians to tears, and they throw a party to celebrate the Straw Hats and Heart Pirates.

Robin, Franky, and Brook guard the entrance to Zou in order to prevent Kin'emon and Kanjuro from entering, as they believe the minks will not take kindly to allies of Raizo.

However, they fall asleep, and the next morning, the samurai and Bariete make it to the entrance. Bariete then discovers Kin'emon and Kanjuro's allegiance, and runs off in tears to reveal the samurai's arrival.

Bariete alerts both the Musketeers and the Guardians to the presence of the samurai, and the two mink factions race out to search for them.

Meanwhile, the Straw Hats race to prevent Kin'emon]] and Kanjuro from being seen by the minks, as their comrade Raizo had caused the Beasts Pirates to nearly destroy Zou.

Momonosuke reunites with Kin'emon and Kanjuro, and the three approach the minks in Kurau City. Inuarashi and Nekomamushi see each other, and quickly start trading insults as they argue.

During their exchange, Inuarashi remembers his leg being severed and Nekomamushi remembers his arm being severed by the Beasts Pirates during their torture.

As the Straw Hats catch up to the samurai and hide them from the minks, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi pull out their weapons and clash with each other.

The samurai then break the Straw Hats' hold on them to stop the fight, and when Kin'emon reveals his identity as a retainer of the Kozuki Family, the minks reveal that Raizo is safe.

This shocks the Straw Hats, and Nekomamushi reveals that they are close to the Kozuki Family and would all risk their lives to save them.

Somewhere at sea, Jack sits recovering on the Mammoth, and he rips up a newspaper article about his death.

On Zou, the samurai reveal to the Straw Hats that Momonosuke is actually not Kin'emon's son, but he is actually the heir of the daimyo of Kuri Kozuki Oden, with his full name being Kozuki Momonosuke.

In order to appease their lord, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi reluctantly form a truce, causing their subjects to cheer. Raizo is chained to a red poneglyph and crying, and the crew is surprised due to his appearance not resembling their imagining of a ninja.

Raizo is released from his chains, and many of the male Straw Hats beg him to use ninja techniques and act like a stereotypical ninja.

The samurai and the male Straw Hats then take Raizo outside, where he weeps at the sight of the destroyed Kurau City.

Robin translates the red Poneglyph inside the Whale Tree, which reveals the coordinates of an island close to Laugh Tale. Inuarashi and Nekomamushi reveal that this is a Road Poneglyph, one out of four that exists.

If one is able to find all four, they will discover four islands surrounding Laugh Tale, and by connecting the four islands, they can find Laugh Tale in the center and find the One Piece.

Meanwhile, Jack has a dream about his attack on Doflamingo's Marine escort the week prior. Back in the Whale Tree, the Straw Hats learn that the Kozuki Family were the ones who constructed the Poneglyphs hundreds of years ago.

However, the knowledge of how to read them stopped at Momonosuke's father Oden, executed by Kaido and the shogun of Wano Country.

Roger and had witnessed the secret of the world. Meanwhile, Jack's fleet returns to Zou to attack it again.

Jack decides to attack the elephant Zunisha itself, shocking his crew. Nami then asks about Crocus' words on the Log Pose, as he stated that it would guide them to the final destination Laugh Tale.

However, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi reply that rather than leading them directly to Laugh Tale, it will lead them to a place that will be integral to helping them reach Laugh Tale beyond the end.

The alliance discusses about the Payback War between the Whitebeard Pirates, led by 1st division commander Marco, and the Blackbeard Pirates, leading Blackbeard to become one of the Yonko.

The alliance also decided to split up in order to achieve different objectives. One group would go to Whole Cake Island to retrieve Sanji.

Another group would go to Wano in preparation to battle Kaido. A third group would stay on Zou in order to protect it.

The Mink Tribe then decide to have a banquet to celebrate the truce between Inuarashi and Nekomamushi.

Jack and his crew then begin their attack on Zou. As Zou continues shaking, Luffy and Momonosuke hear an overwhelming voice inside their heads.

Momonosuke realizes that Zunisha itself is talking to him, and is under attack by Jack and the Beasts Pirates. As the Musketeers and Guardians race off to deal with the enemy pirates, Zunisha receives a crippling blow and tells Momonosuke that it was once punished to walk the seas for eternity.

Thus, it could not act against Jack unless given the order, and asks Momonosuke to do so. Momonosuke orders Zunisha to attack Jack, allowing the giant elephant to annihilate Jack's entire fleet.

As the people on Zou recover from the attack, Scratchmen Apoo contacts Kaido to report the loss of Jack's fleet.

After Zunisha wipes out Jack's fleet, the Mink Tribe and the Straw Hat Pirates discover that the injuries it sustained will cause it to eventually collapse.

The Straw Hats then organize an effort to treat Zunisha's injuries. However, Zunisha walks into a massive thundercloud called a Silent Supercell that threatens to blow away the ships and people hanging near the elephant's leg wound, but the Straw Hats manage to save the ships from falling.

Afterwards, Luffy packs for his voyage to Big Mom's territory while Nami maps out a way to get there, and Pedro, Wanda, and Carrot individually decide to accompany Luffy on the voyage.

The group decides to break into four smaller groups, each with their own personal mission, before later converging at Wano Country.

Usopp gives Nami a new updated Clima-Tact and Pedro insists he would be the only one of the Mink Tribe to accompany Luffy's group as only he can keep Pekoms under control.

Afterwards Luffy's group descends to the Thousand Sunny, with their mission to get Sanji back as they set out for Totto Land. Meanwhile at Albasta, Princess Vivi prepares to head out to sea.

Rulers all across the world head for the quadrennial Levely, and Vivi gets in touch with her pirating past while at sea as she remembers her experiences with the Straw Hat Pirates.

The ruler of Kano Country prepares to head off, even without the Chinjao Family to accompany him. On Fishman Island, a frightened Shirahoshi is convinced by her brothers and father to come to Levely, as they now had enough signatures on Otohime's petition for fishmen to coexist with humans.

On the Thousand Sunny, Carrot unexpectedly shows up to help. After Carrot reveals herself to have snuck onboard the Thousand Sunny, the Sanji Retrieval Team decides to take her along.

At Dressrosa, Viola invites Rebecca to the Levely. Pedro discovers the news regarding the attack on the Revolutionary Army's headquarters caused by the Blackbeard Pirates and when looking at the newspaper, Luffy sees his father Dragon's face for the first time.

Despite Luffy's concern for Sabo, Pedro states it is more likely they are still alive and safe somewhere.

However this distraction and the fact Luffy left the stove on causes a gas explosion in the kitchen causing the meal Luffy planned to turn out awful, and that he also wasted a week's worth of food, leaving the team with no food.

Meanwhile, Kaido is enraged at Domflamingo's capture and swears revenge against the Worst Generation.

It is also revealed he has captured one of them, Eustass Kid. They come across Fron Island, where they stop to look for food, but they quickly find it is home to a Marine base.

On the Marine base, a hotshot Marine Captain named Grount arrives for his new assignment, quickly exasperating his comrades and his commander, Vice Admiral Prodi.

Grount then runs into Bonam and Zappa, who used to serve with him under Admiral Aokiji. Luffy, Nami, Chopper, and Carrot don Marine outfits and sneak into the cafeteria to eat.

However, they are quickly recognized after an altercation, and Grount excitedly prepares to fight Luffy. The Marines are eventually overpowered, and the Sanji retrieval team races to the shore, only to be confronted by Vice Admiral Prodi.

However, he is confronted again by Grount, who shatters the attachment on his left arm to reveal a large, hairy red arm resembling a gorilla's.

Having trained all his life to control it, Grount wields its tremendous power against Luffy, but after a titanic struggle Luffy eventually manages to overpower and defeat him.

As the Sanji retrieval team finally leaves Fron Island, Grount laughs and remarks that Luffy was a worthy opponent.

On the Thousand Sunny, the Sanji retrieval team eats all the rations taken from the base in ten minutes.

Vito shows Sanji a picture of his soon-to-be fiancee, Charlotte Pudding. Nevertheless, Sanji tells Tamago and Vito that he won't be getting married.

Chiffon stops an angry Gotti from mistreating Sanji, as they'd lose their heads if the 'precious groom' were to be harmed.

Meanwhile, the Straw Hats struggle to survive the harsh weather and lack of nutrition. After going days without food, Luffy finally manages to catch a giant fish.

However, he starts eating it before Chopper discovers its skin is extremely poisonous, causing him to collapse.

They see a man on the ship who resembles Sanji, but the man reveals himself to be Sanji's younger brother Yonji, and coldly refuses the team's pleas for an antidote to save Luffy.

However, Yonji's sister Reiju berates him for his attitude, kicking him off their ship before leaping onto the Thousand Sunny.

Brook recognizes Sanji's brother Yonji and his sister Reiju as a member of the Vinsmoke Family which used to rule over the entire North Blue, and Reiju reveals that they still hold royal status despite losing their physical territory.

Reiju then presses her mouth to Luffy's and sucks all the poison out of him. She and Yonji return to their ship, agreeing to not say anything about their encounter in order to ensure Sanji's wedding happens smoothly.

Meanwhile, Aladine sees the scene from underwater and reports to Jinbe. The Sanji Retrieval Team later docks at an island, and despite Pekoms' orders to wait, Luffy and Chopper run out immediately, and they come to a town made entirely out of chocolate.

The Sanji retrieval team disembarks on Cacao Island, an island close to Whole Cake Island in which everything on it is made of chocolate.

Luffy and Chopper eat an entire cafe and are nearly arrested, but are saved by the cafe's owner, Charlotte Pudding. They converse with her, but Luffy accidentally reveals who he is.

On Whole Cake Island, Big Mom oversees the preparation for the wedding tea party, which will occur in three days.

Together, they discuss the Charlotte Family and the upcoming wedding, and Pudding offers to secretly help the team retrieve Sanji. Meanwhile, an agitated Sanji arrives at the Germa Kingdom.

Another section of Germa 66, led by his two elder brothers, arrive at the war-torn Broc Coli Island and confer with one of its sides.

Back on the Thousand Sunny, the Sanji Retrieveal Team discover that Pekoms is missing, and find a warning scrawled in the bathroom.

An excited Luffy nonetheless declares that they will push on. On Broc Coli Island, Sanji's two older brothers end a two-year war in four hours.

They then prepare to make the voyage to Whole Cake Island to attend their brother's wedding. Meanwhile, the Sanji Retrieval Team sails through Totto Land, marveling at the archipelago's sweet scenery.

The team gets suspicious at Pedro's advanced knowledge of the area, and he reveals that he has been here once before. Meanwhile, Big Mom gets a craving for croquembouche that causes her to fall into madness, and she leaves a path of destruction in her wake as she searches for the treat.

The ministers begin to panic as she enters Sweet City, and order the citizens to evacuate as Big Mom mindlessly wrecks the city.

Big Mom continues her murderous rampage through Sweet City, still searching for croquembouche. Her 16th son Charlotte Moscato tries to stop her, but she kills him in a blind rage.

However, before she can reach the castle, Jinbe races in with a pile of croquembouche tourists, satiating her. With Big Mom in a good mood, Jinbe formally requests to leave her crew.

Big Mom takes Jinbe to her castle in order to discuss Jinbe's request. The team is attacked by fruit footballfish which resemble giant fruits, but Luffy kills several of them and the team feasts on their fruit bodies.

In the present, Big Mom takes Jinbe to her castle, and seems fine with him leaving, but then says he will have to lose something in return.

She then takes out a roulette wheel to determine what he will lose. As night falls, the Sanji Retrieval Team gets stuck in a sea of mizuame.

While they try to free themselves, Pedro reveals that he once sailed with Pekoms as explorers looking for Poneglyphs. However, he met his defeat here.

He now wants to help the Straw Hats get ahold of Big Mom's Road Poneglyph, and offers to sneak in and get it while the others rescue Sanji.

The next morning, the team finally reaches Whole Cake Island's coast, and to their shock they see Sanji standing on it.

Despite seeing Sanji multiple times, they are forced to chase after him as he constantly runs away and eludes them.

They end up inside a forest made mostly of sweets and encounter a talking crocodile that nearly eats them.

While they chase after Sanji, Luffy suddenly encounters a mirrored copy of himself that perfectly reflects his movements. Not knowing what is happening, Luffy attacks his duplicate, who counters with the exact same attacks.

Nami, Chopper, and Carrot run from the anthropomorphic rabbit Randolph as he relentlessly attacks them, and also encounter a very large and strange man who is buried in the ground up to his neck.

Meanwhile, Sanji has arrived at his family's castle. Yonji tries to berate his brother for trying to resist his arranged marriage, and the two's argument results in them attacking each other.

Back in the forest, the Sanji Retrieval Team reunites with Luffy as they attempt to run back to the shore.

However, each time they end up back in the same clearing. There, he is approached by his father Vinsmoke Judge, who confronts him over his scuffle with Yonji, which resulted in Yonji's face getting bashed in.

When Sanji gives him the cold shoulder, Judge challenges his estranged son to a duel. Sanji proves to unexpectedly be a match for his father, and as they fight he recalls being abused as a child by his brothers, which Judge did nothing to stop.

Meanwhile, Luffy is hunted down by the anthropomorphic flora of the Seducing Woods as he searches for his teammates alone.

Sanji and Judge continue fighting, and Sanji is overwhelmed by Judge's high-tech weapons. Judge then sacrifices one of his soldiers to get the jump on Sanji, defeating him.

Reiju treats Sanji's wounds, and Judge has explosive cuffs placed on his son, forcing him to go through with the wedding with his cooking ability on the line.

Meanwhile, Luffy continues racing through the Seducing Woods, and is attacked by the forest's anthropomorphic flora.

He beats them all up, but suddenly finds his teammates, plus Sanji and Pudding, standing nearby. He chases after them, but none of them speak or acknowledge him.

Meanwhile, Brook and Pedro reach Sweet City, and see a newspaper being handed out that has a picture of Jinbe on the front page.

Meanwhile, on the northwestern coast, Capone Bege shoots the captured Pekoms into shark-infested waters, for not complying with his wishes.

In the Chateau, Big Mom meets with Caesar Clown, as she seeks to find out the result of the gigantification research.

Caesar lies that Luffy and Law stalled his research when they destroyed his lab. However, Big Mom reveals that she had her son Charlotte Perospero make an identical lab, and gives Caesar two weeks to complete the research.

In the Seducing Woods, Luffy keeps finding more and more duplicates of his crewmates. Luffy finds Nami and she reveals what happened.

In the present, Luffy and Nami confront the buried man and he reveals that all the flora and fauna is alive because of receiving soul fragments from Big Mom's Soru Soru no Mi ability; she takes a month's worth of lifespan from all Totto Land citizens as taxation and releases them into the wild.

The man reveals that he was once one of Big Mom's husbands. Charlotte Cracker confronts Luffy and Nami and pulls the buried man, Pound, out of the ground.

Cracker reveals to Pound that Big Mom gave permission to kill him, and Pound begs him to let him see his daughters Chiffon and Lola one last time.

The mention of Lola's name shocks Nami, who recalls meeting her on Thriller Bark. Cracker attempts to execute Pound.

However, Luffy blocks his strike, and as the two fight, Nami and Pound run away. Cracker overpowers Luffy in battle, revealing that he can multiply his limbs and weapons just by tapping on his body.

Urouge had managed to defeat one of their Sweet Commanders, but was later taken out by Cracker. Cracker pins Luffy down and claims that Sanji, as a royal, should appreciate his upcoming wedding and that Luffy is doing him no favors by rescuing him.

This enrages Luffy, causing him to activate Gear Fourth, and he finally lands a harmful blow on Cracker. Cracker is powerless before Gear Fourth's might, and his body seemingly shatters after another attack.

However, Cracker's body is revealed to just be a puppet made of biscuit, and the real Cracker reveals himself, showcasing the powers of the Bisu Bisu no Mi as he creates several of the biscuit puppets that Luffy had taken so long to bring down just one of.

In the Mirro-World, Chopper and Carrot struggle to move around with chain balls around their feet, but they try to look into one of the mirrors.

Elsewhere in the Seducing Woods, Nami decides to use the power of her Vivre Card to force the homies to attack Cracker.

Luffy continues struggling against Cracker's Biscuit Soldiers; every time he destroys them, Cracker just makes more, and the Sweet Commander keeps Luffy on his toes with occasional onslaughts.

However, Nami has put the homies under her command and forces them to attack Cracker against their will, Chopper and Carrot decide to exploit the Mirro-World and gain access to all the mirrors on Whole Cake Island, and Brook and Pedro hide inside a biscuit soldier homie that is going into the Whole Cake Chateau.

The next day, Sanji's older brothers Vinsmoke Ichiji and Niji return to the Germa Kingdom, and the three of them reunite.

However, when the Vinsmoke Family eats a meal together, Sanji and Niji quickly get into a fight over Niji's treatment of his food and cooks.

Luffy cannot reach Cracker before Gear Fourth runs out, and he is forced to hide in the Seducing Woods for ten minutes while Cracker sends Biscuit Soldiers to look for him.

Meanwhile, Sanji's argument against his family members is shut down when Judge reveals that with a single order, he can have the Baratie destroyed and Zeff killed.

Sanji is deeply unnerved by this, as he remembers Zeff giving up his leg for him and acting as a real father figure to him. Nami saves Luffy from Cracker's Biscuit Soldier and forces the homies to attack them.

Meanwhile, in the Mirro-World, Chopper and Carrot find out Sanji's location by spying through mirrors. Yonji offers to take Sanji to Niji, and leads him to the kingdom's secret cloning facility, where he reveals that Germa 66's soldiers are bred through illegal cloning techniques that Judge worked on with Vegapunk.

Sanji is appalled, but when Niji and Ichiji walk in, he wastes no time in kicking Niji in the face. Nami confronts Cracker and tries to use various tricks against him, but they prove ineffective and he overpowers her.

However, Luffy regains his Haki and leaps back into the fray, taking Cracker by surprise with a Gear Second punch. As his brothers stand over him, Sanji remembers his childhood in the Germa Kingdom.

Judge had given him and his siblings superhuman abilities and had them train their skills, but Sanji continuously fell far behind his siblings' performances, causing him to be viciously bullied.

Judge discovered that Sanji possessed no superhuman abilities after all, and he faked Sanji's death, locking his third son in a dungeon with an iron mask on to act like he never existed.

The terrible history of Sanji's family continue to unfold. From a rare moment of compassion he is able to escape, only to face his father's cruelty before setting out on his own.

Nami produces rain to soften Cracker's Biscuit Soldiers, allowing Luffy to eat and disable them. This goes on for several hours, leaving Cracker exhausted and angry, although Luffy's stomach is nearly at its limit.

Sanji reveals to Reiju how he got his chivalry through Zeff's parental example on the Baratie. Luffy is full to bursting from eating all of Cracker's biscuit soldiers for several hours, but refuses to give up, causing an enraged Cracker to attack him directly.

Cracker is unable to penetrate Luffy and is instead sucked into his inflated body, getting shot out at high velocity and flying all the way into Sweet City.

His unconscious body is discovered by his siblings, who put Sweet City into a state of emergency. Back in the real world, Luffy and Nami reach Sanji, and Luffy reunites with his crewmate.

However, Sanji kicks Luffy out of the carriage, claiming to have accepted his royal heritage and disowning Luffy. Luffy refuses to back down from the hostile Sanji, causing Sanji to confront him and attack him with Diable Jambe.

Despite Sanji's vicious attacks, Luffy refuses to fight back or retreat, and Nami pleads Sanji to stop to no avail. Finally, Sanji knocks Luffy out with a spinning midair kick, and returns to his family.

Luffy yells out to Sanji as he leaves, saying that he will stay at this spot and not eat until Sanji returns, as he cannot become the Pirate King without Sanji.

This causes Sanji to break down in tears as he is taken to Big Mom. After hearing about Cracker's defeat, Big Mom creates a big storm before sending a massive army out to take revenge on Luffy.

She then goes to meet with the Vinsmoke Family for lunch, and as they exchange pleasantries, Pudding asks Sanji via note to meet her in private later.

Outside, Luffy, Nami, and King Baum watch as the enraged army heads toward them, but a steadfast Luffy refuses to move from his waiting spot.

Luffy faces Big Mom's enraged army with determination, and decimates their hordes of Chess Soldiers. He struggles against the higher-ranking Big Mom Pirates, but Nami and King Baum come back to help him and Nami decimates all the Chess Soldiers with a massive lightning strike.

As this battle rages on, Sanji talks to Pudding in her room and, in order to make the best of his situation, agrees to marry her tomorrow and make a life together.

In the battle with the enraged army, Amande kills King Baum by bisecting him, Galette immobilizes Nami, and although Luffy continues fighting here, he is eventually caught and defeated.

He tries to remain in his waiting spot as the army drags him and Nami away, but is knocked out. Brook spies on the room and goes back to tell Pedro about security, and they hatch a plan to get around it.

However, the two devise a plan. Big Mom shows the Vinsmoke Family her collection of rare creatures trapped inside giant books. Meanwhile, Luffy wakes up in another part of the library, and he and Nami are bound inside a book together.

Big Mom departs from the Vinsmokes and calls Luffy and Nami to discuss their actions, but to her surprise Luffy responds defiantly.

Pedro creates a diversion for Brook to set his plan into action. Meanwhile Luffy continues to goad Big Mom into a fight, and Pudding begins to have stirrings of rebellion herself!

Thanks to Pedro's distraction, Brook manages to sneak into the Room of Treasure. With the power of his Devil Fruit, he overwhelms the Chess Soldier homies by the power of soul.

Chopper then frees himself and activates Monster Point as the two prepare a counterattack. She confesses her failure to bring Sanji to them like they had agreed, and Luffy and Nami gawk in shock as she continues speaking to them.

Pudding reveals a secret plan to prevent Sanji from marrying her, shocking Luffy and Nami.

After she leaves, Luffy attempts to escape from their prison. In the Room of Treasure, Brook defeats all the guards in it and begins transcribing the Poneglyphs.

However, Big Mom breaks into the room and confronts him. Meanwhile, Tamago confronts Pedro in the third floor courtyard, and it is revealed that Pedro had 50 years of his life removed during his invasion five years ago, after he and Tamago had taken out each other's left eyes.

Meanwhile, the Vinsmokes plot to keep Pudding in the Germa Kingdom after the wedding in order to prevent the Big Mom Pirates from taking advantage of their deal.

Reiju is sneaking around the chateau, but is suddenly caught outside by someone and shot with a gun.

She manages to head back inside, but collapses from her injuries. Luffy tries desperately to free himself at the risk of his own well-being!

Meanwhile, Chopper and Carrot continue to search the Mirro-World. Brook squares off against Big Mom, and Pedro's past is revealed.

Luffy continues trying to escape the prison book by tearing off his hands. In a flashback, Pudding reveals to Luffy and Nami that she plans to kill Sanji during the wedding and that Big Mom does not intend to let them leave alive.

Elsewhere, Sanji goes to Pudding's room and listens in on Pudding taunting Reiju as she reveals her sinister nature and a plot to assassinate the Vinsmoke Family.

After hearing Pudding mocking him, Sanji becomes heartbroken. After revealing the truth about the wedding, Pudding removes Reiju's memories of their encounter and has her taken to medical help so she can meet her doom at the wedding tomorrow.

In the Room of Treasure, Brook tries to use his speed to attack Big Mom, but she counters his attacks. Her homies prove to be resistant to his soul power, but even after taking multiple attacks from them, Brook keeps getting up.

In the Mirro-World, Chopper and Carrot find out that the mirrors can tell them where they lead to, and they work on identifying their comrades to the mirrors.

Meanwhile, Luffy gets closer to ripping his arms off as Opera prepares to torture Nami for Lola's location. Suddenly, Jinbe arrives and attacks Opera to free Luffy and Nami.

Jimbei arrives on the scene and works to free Luffy and Nami. Meanwhile, Sanji confronts his sister with the awful truth of Pudding, and she confides in him the powerful secret of their mother's undying love.

In the Chateau courtyard, Tamago regenerates into a stronger form with chicken features known as Viscount Hiyoko with his Devil Fruit power.

Pedro fights Hiyoko and manages to defeat this form, but before Hiyoko regenerates into a stronger form, Pedro lights a string of bombs and attempts to take out all the surrounding enemies in a massive explosion.

In the Room of Treasure, Brook's sword is unable to pierce Big Mom's skin, and he is finally defeated, but not before managing to injure Prometheus.

Outside the room, Smoothie hears about Luffy's breakout and orders the floors below them to be blocked off so Big Mom does not find out.

Pudding then comes in, and Big Mom reveals to Brook that she can awaken the ability to read the Poneglyphs with her third eye. Pudding asks Big Mom if they can talk in the latter's room.

Below, Luffy fights against Charlotte Cadenza in his race to find Sanji, and knocks out the pirate after choking him for Sanji's location.

In the infirmary, Reiju encourages Sanji to escape and leave their family to die, revealing that she replaced the explosive cuffs on his wrists with duds, which will allow him to leave without repercussions.

As Pedro detonates a string of dynamite at the courtyard, Chopper grabs him into the Mirro-World. Meanwhile, Luffy continues running through the chateau and is confronted by Cabaletta, who intends to avenge Cadenza.

After a furious clash, Luffy manages to defeat Cabaletta and continues onward. Luffy eventually comes across the infirmary, where Reiju hides him from the pursuing Big Mom Pirates.

Reiju informs Luffy that Sanji has been made aware of Pudding's deception and Luffy decides to return to the place where he promised to wait for Sanji.

After jumping out of the Chateau and landing in Sweet City, Luffy is confronted by Chess Soldiers as he is traveling to his intended destination.

While wandering in the hallways of the Chateau, Sanji decides that he will not return to the Straw Hats. The Charlotte Family and the Big Mom Pirates have a meeting and discuss the statuses of the intruders.

Believing the intruders have been dealt with, the meeting adjourned. Due to his hunger, Luffy initially struggles but is able to muster enough strength to defeat his opponents.

Back inside the chateau, Sanji sits alone in a hallway and decides to accept death. Bobbin runs into him and as he is about to eat a piece of meat from Sanji's bento box, Sanji kicks him and then flees the scene.

After Sanji fled, Bobbin decides to pursue him by himself. The Sanji Retrieval Team finds the mirror leading to Brook but also learns that the mirror also leads to Big Mom's bedroom.

While Big Mom is sleeping, the team plans to retrieve Brook and replace him with another skeleton.

After three unsuccessful attempts, the team manage to get Brook back. As Sanji hurries towards the place where Luffy promised to wait for him, Luffy is also approaching near his intended destination.

However, Charlotte Counter ambushes him. Luffy fights against Charlotte Counter, but despite his best effort, his hunger causes him to be easily overpowered.

As the team prepares to find Sanji, Jinbe states that they should reach him before the wedding, as there is a plot going on behind the scenes that will plunge it into chaos.

He reveals that Pekoms was caught up in this scheme, which resulted in him being shot by Bege. In the Whole Cake Chateau, the Vinsmokes celebrate by drinking lots of alcohol, and outside in Sweet City, Bobbin is shot by a mysterious gunman while pursuing Sanji.

Sanji reaches the outskirts of Sweet City where Luffy promised to wait for him, but cannot find Luffy. However, he finally locates the unconscious Luffy by the remains of King Baum after hearing his stomach rumble.

After a harsh struggle, Luffy finally manages to defeat Counter. He then rests besides King Baum's body. Sanji later arrives and finds Luffy, who wakes up from the smell of Sanji's bento.

Sanji gives the bento to Luffy, relieving his hunger. Sanji once again attempts to convince Luffy to leave without him, but in response, Luffy punches him and forces him to say his true feelings.

Sanji then tearfully admits that he wants to return to the Straw Hats but could not abandon his family. Happy to hear Sanji's answer, Luffy decides to help him crash the wedding.

After Luffy and Sanji reconcile, the Sanji Retrieval Team manages to contact them through a mirror shard.

Jinbe proceeds to talk about Bege's past before revealing that he plots to assassinate Big Mom during the tea party. Jinbe then proposes forming an alliance with him.

Meanwhile, the Sun Pirates tend to an injured Pekoms and guard him to prevent him from reporting to Big Mom. While Nami and Carrot are bathing, they have a conversation with Charlotte Chiffon, who explains about Lola's arranged marriage with Loki, the prince of Elbaf, and how Lola running away from the marriage cost Big Mom an alliance with the giants.

After finishing bathing and changing clothes, the Sanji Retrieval Team meets Bege in person. Luffy wants to punch Bege for what he did to Pekoms and after a brief quarrel, Jinbe convinces everyone to put their differences aside.

Bege reveals that he recruited Caesar for his assassination plot and goes over his plan to assassinate Big Mom.

After Bege explains about an incident concerning the photo of Mother Carmel, Luffy agrees to be the bait. After the meeting concludes, Sanji returns to his room in the Whole Cake Chateau to prepare for the wedding.

The guests arrive and everyone prepares for the tea party, which is due in an hour. Bege and his crew act as security for the wedding. When the Vinsmoke Family arrives, they are asked to relinquish their weapons and raid suits.

At the venue, an angry guest Jigra is trying to force his way in only to be shot down by Charlotte Katakuri. Shortly afterwards, the Organ Trading Assassin Group attacks the venue but they are easily defeated by Daifuku and Oven.

After all the guests arrive at the venue, Big Mom appears and the tea party begins. Inside the venue, Big Mom receives the portrait of Mother Carmel as well as presents from her guests, and she reveals that she will be opening the Tamatebako she got from Fishman Island after the wedding.

Meanwhile, Sanji struggles to not be fooled by Pudding's facade as the two of them practice their vows before being flown out to the venue.

The wedding has begun and after Sanji and Pudding arrive at the venue, Streusen brings out the wedding cake with the altar at the top.

After arriving at the altar, Sanji and Pudding begin the exchange of vows. Following Big Mom's plan, Pudding reveals her third eye to him.

Sanji says that her third eye is beautiful, something that no one else has said to her before. Pudding breaks down in tears, causing Big Mom's plan to go awry.

Katakuri tries to assassinate Sanji himself but fails. Afterwards, Luffy and his duplicates intrude into the venue by bursting out of the wedding cake.

Luffy's duplicates burst out of the wedding cake and they run amok at the wedding venue as the cake collapses. Following Bege's plan, Luffy goes after Carmel's photo.

However, his attempt is thwarted by Katakuri. Jinbe steps in and saves Luffy from Katakuri's clutches. He then confronts Big Mom and declares his intention to leave her crew and join the Straw Hats.

Big Mom then attempts to take Jinbe's lifespan, but his lack of fear towards her causes her powers to have no effect. Brook successfully destroys the picture of Carmel.

Even though Big Mom is having a mental crisis, she does not start screaming as Bege had planned. Luffy and Jinbe defend themselves against the attacking Big Mom Pirates.

Pudding attempts to shoot Sanji but fails, prompting Daifuku to attack him with his genie. As Bege's plan goes awry, Perospero traps the Vinsmokes in candy and they are held at gunpoint.

Brook notices that Big Mom is not screaming because she is confused on what to be angry about. He then tells Luffy to show her the broken picture again, which Luffy prepares to do.

Knowing what he needs to do, Luffy takes the fragments of Carmel's picture and runs towards Big Mom. With his family in a dire situation, Sanji runs towards them but is stopped by Daifuku's genie.

Despite Katakuri's attempt to stop Luffy, the latter manages to show Carmel's broken picture to Big Mom. She starts screaming and incapacitates her family and crew, allowing Sanji to free his family.

A flashback begins, showing 63 years ago when Linlin was five years old. Her parents left her at Elbaf and she met Carmel, a woman who saved some of the Giant Warrior Pirates from execution after Dory and Brogy began their duel on Little Garden.

Carmel ran an orphanage called the Sheep's House and she took Linlin in. The Elbaf village prepares for the Winter Solstice Festival.

The villagers and the Sheep's House children feast on semla prior to the twelve-day fast. On the seventh day of the fast, Linlin lost control and goes on a rampage for semla.

Furious at Linlin's actions, Jorl tried to strike down Linlin, only to be mortally wounded by the rampaging child.

Linlin's rampage finally stopped when the giants gave her the semla. Jarl prepared to avenge Jorl, but Carmel begged him to spare Linlin, saying that she would leave Elbaf with her.

Jorl died and this incident earned Linlin the hatred of the giants. Carmel and the children of the Sheep's House moved to a different island.

The Sheep's House children later celebrated Linlin's sixth birthday. After feasting on some sweets, Linlin discovered that Carmel and the other orphans disappeared.

Linlin cried from Carmel's disappearance, and two people witnessed what really happened. One of the witnesses was an Elbaf giant, who quickly fled back to Elbaf to tell the other giants what he saw.

The other witness was Streusen, who decided to take advantage of Linlin's potential. Streusen befriended Linlin and they began creating Linlin's ideal country.

However, their assassination attempt ends in failure as Big Mom's scream destroys the rockets before they could reach her.

Caesar Clown brings in the escape mirror, but it is shattered by Big Mom's scream. Katakuri creates earplugs for his family and crew and the Big Mom Pirates proceed to surround the alliance.

With nowhere else to run, Bege transforms into a fortress known as Big Father. Meanwhile, Du Feld attempts to steal the contents of the Tamatebako, but Big Mom's scream ends up blowing the chest off of the Chateau's roof.

The alliance and the Vinsmoke Family take shelter inside Bege's fortress. However, Big Mom regains her senses and begins attacking the fortress.

Bege comes up with a plan to escape. He will return to human form with the alliance still inside him and have Caesar fly him out of the venue.

Judge then asks Sanji why he saved his family. Sanji replies that he did it to honor Zeff before disowning Judge.

Die Episode "Rebeccas Schwert des Todes! Jonathon's Secret Winning Article source Die Strohhutbande beginnt den Kampf! So Long, Marine Base! Fieber an Bord! Der vererbte Wille des Please click for source Käpt'n Black Arc Anime. Link Kaya hat in der Villa einen Alptraum, sie träumt davon, Lysop würde mit einem Schwert auf sie losgehen. Goddo Eneru no Mokuteki. Er ahnt nicht, dass Dr. How it Ends! One-hit Knockout! A Mysterious Forest Full of Https:// Die Produktionskosten pro Folge belaufen sich auf etwa 10 Millionen Yen, dies entspricht etwa Aber das gelingt ihnen nicht. Ankunft auf der Phantom-Insel 'Zou' Erstausstrahlung: Er rennt so schnell wie möglich ins Dorf, um die Dorfbewohner und Miss Kaya zu warnen. Episode : Der Verrat des Vizeadmirals!

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War Demon Wiper's Resolve. Dieser Scorpion verfolgt Ace. Usopp's Quick Wit and Kaenboshi! The Mother is Strong! Himerareta Kako! Click here macht sich auch Kaya auf zum Strand.

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Ace und Ruffy Ace and Luffy! Warm Memories and Brotherly Bonds. Ace and Luffy! Gefahren im Sand Adventure in the Country of Sand!

The Demons that Live in the Scorching Earth. Adventure in the Country of Sand! The Men who Live Free. Here Come the Desert Pirates!

Abenteuer in Ido Spirit of the Fakes! Heart of the Rebel Army, Kamyu! Spirit of the Fakes! Corsa, der junge Rebell Rebel Warrior Kohza!

The Dream Sworn to Vivi! Rebel Warrior Kohza! Unser Papa ist ein Held! Heat Haze Duel! Ace vs. Scorpion Man. Vivi, Comrades, and the Shape of a Country.

Ruins and Lost Ones! Ruffy gegen Vivi Luffy vs. A Tearful Vow for Comrades. City of Dreams, Rainbase. The Alabasta War Front! Sturm aufs Casino Trap in a Desperate Situation!

Breaking Into Rain Dinners. Trap in a Desperate Situation! Der falsche König Operation Utopia Commences!

The Wave of Rebellion Begins to Move. Operation Utopia Commences! The Fearsome Bananawani and Mr. Auf nach Arbana! Doru Doru Ball! Kampf in der Wüste!

Merciless Fight to the Death! Alabasta the Animal Land. The Miracle Sprint! Royal Army! The Battle will be in Alubarna! Rebel Army vs.

Armes Arbana Alubarna is Crying! Fierce Fight of Captain Carue! Alubarna is Crying! Battle at Molehill 4th Avenue.

Das Land gehört dem Volk! Mane Mane Montage! Transforming Into Nami! Clima Tact Explosion. Die Geheimwaffe Secret of the Royal Family!

The Ancient Weapon, Pluton. Secret of the Royal Family! Der Eisenmann Essence of a Mighty Sword! Essence of a Mighty Sword!

Friede auf beiden Seiten The Battle is Over! Kohza Flies the White Flag. The Battle is Over! A Hero Descends! Death Match: Round 2.

Sand Crocodile and Water Luffy! Smells Like Croc! Run to the Tomb of the Royal Family, Luffy! Secret Base of the Sand Sand Clan.

The Nightmare Draws Near! Die Kraft des Falken Magnificent Wings! Magnificent Wings! Rain Falls on Alabasta!

I Will Surpass You! Frieden im Land A Farewell to Arms! The Pirates and Several Justices. A Farewell to Arms! Freunde fürs Leben Pirate Vivi?

Pirate Vivi? Die Neue an Bord Scent of Danger! The Seventh Member is Nico Robin. Scent of Danger!

Endlich ein friedlicher Tag! The Untold Story of the Rumble Ball! Namis Traum Uprising of the Navigator!

For the Unyielding Dream! Uprising of the Navigator! Sanji, The Iron Man of Curry! A Recipe Handed Down!

I Will Make it Bloom! Zoro, The Wandering Swordsman! The Fabled Pirate Hunter! The Designs of Zenny the Moneylender!

Wo ist der Schatz? Whereabouts of the Island Treasure! Attack of the Zenny Pirates! Old Man Henzo of Luluka Island! Legend of the Rainbow Mist!

Das ewige Land Residents of the Land of Eternity! The Pumpkin Pirates! Residents of the Land of Eternity! Verloren im Grab der Galeeren Thoughts of Home!

The Pirate Graveyard of No Escape! Thoughts of Home! An Inevitable Melee! To The Other Side of the Rainbow!

And So, The Legend Begins! Das Schiff, das vom Himmel fiel Caught Log! The King of Salvagers, Masira! Caught Log! Ein schwarzer Tag Monsters Appear!

Monsters Appear! Eine Bande von Träumern Quit Dreaming! Mock Town, the Town of Ridicule! Quit Dreaming! Die Stimme der Piraten Distinguished Pirates!

Distinguished Pirates! Familiengeschichten Legendary Family! Noland, the Liar! Legendary Family! Der goldene Vogel Steer for the Clouds!

Capture the South Bird! Steer for the Clouds! Bellamy vs. Zusammenkunft der Samurai Million Man! Auf Himmelskurs Take to the Sky!

Ride the Knockup Stream! Take to the Sky! The Sky Knight and the Gate in the Clouds! Sail the White Sea! Insel der Engel Godland, Skypiea!

Angels on a Beach of Clouds! Godland, Skypiea! The Forbidden Sacred Ground! Die Wolkenpolizei Already Criminals?!

Already Criminals?! Is Escape Possible?!? The Almighty God Eneru. A Trap on Lovely Street! Abenteuer auf der Insel Gottes Onward Crow!

To the Sacrificial Altar! Onward Crow! Satori, the Mantra Master! Desperate Struggle in the Lost Forest! The Ordeal of Spheres!

Chopper in Gefahr Chopper in Danger! Former God vs. Priest Shura! Chopper in Danger! Die Prüfung der Schnüre Profound Mystery!

Ordeal of String and Ordeal of Love?!? Profound Mystery! Wyper the Warrior! Light the Fire of Shandora! Jaya, City of Gold in the Sky!

Festival on the Night Before Gold-Hunting! Ein geheimnisvoller Helfer Enter God Eneru! Farewell to Survivors! Enter God Eneru!

The Survival Game Begins. The Python Strikes! The Life-Threatening Reject! Pirate Zoro vs. Fighter Braham. Fierce Sky Battle!

Pirate Luffy vs. Wiper the Berserker. Howling Burn Bazooka!! Der Sumpfwolkenkampf Ordeal of Swamp! Pirate Chopper vs Gedatsu!! Ordeal of Swamp!

The Invincible Ability! The Magnificent Ruins of Shandora!! The Vanished City! Pirate Chopper vs. Shinto Priest Ohm. Die Prüfung des Eisens!

Climb Giant Jack!! Showdown in the Upper Ruins. The White-Barbed Death Match!! Ultimate Test of the Ordeal of Iron! Zorro gegen Aum Gushing Blade Attack!

Pirate Zoro vs Shinto Priest Ohm!! Gushing Blade Attack! The Quintet Finale!! The Upper Ruins Crumble!

Showdown in den Ruinen Battle in the Ancient Ruins! Battle in the Ancient Ruins! Conis greift ein Finally Clashing!

Pirate Luffy vs God Enel!! Finally Clashing! Die Maxim steigt auf Maxim Rises! The Start of Deathpiea!! Maxim Rises!

Rettungsversuch aus Liebe Two People Awaken! A Rescue in Front of Burning Love!! Two People Awaken! Das Fest der The Impending Doom of Sky Island!!

Capriccio to Destruction! Fluch der Götter Free from the Spell! Tears Shed by a Great Warrior!! Free from the Spell!

The Great Warrior and Tales of an Explorer. Guidance from the Sound of a Bell! Die heiligen Bäume Eternal Friendship! Eternal Friendship!

The Fearsome Raigoh Descends!! The Last Hope of Escaping. Knock Down Giant Jack! A Love Song Heard by Angels. The End of the Fight!

The Weaving of the Poneglyphs. I Have Come Here! Memories of an Interwoven Finale. Now Heading Towards the Blue Sea! A Notorious Pirate Ship has Infiltrated!

A State of Emergency is Issued! Die Kunst des Kochens Sanji the Cook! Sanji the Cook! Chopper, der Wunderdoktor Captured Zoro!

Captured Zoro! The Second Member Captured! The Marines Dragnet Closes In! Battle on the Bridge! Enter the Hot-Blooded Special Forces!

Die Flucht Breaking Through the Siege! The Going Merry is Recovered! Breaking Through the Siege! Fortress Battle, Round 2!

The Pirate Ship Disappears! The Gold and Waver Recovery Operations! The One Fell Swoop Plan! Nur Fliegen ist schöner Farewell, Marine Fortress!

The Last Battle for Escape! Farewell, Marine Fortress! One Lap of the Donut Race. Round 1! Unfaires Spiel Foxy the Silver Fox!

A Violent Interference. Foxy the Silver Fox! Zweite Runde: Der K. Shoot into the Groggy Ring! Round 2!

Volltreffer Rapid-Fire Red Cards! Groggy Ring. Rapid-Fire Red Cards! Das Rollerskaterennen Round 3! Round and Round Roller Race! Round 3! Dash into the Final Round!

Burning Roller Race! Pirate Dodgeball! The Screaming Speed Serve! Dharma has Fallen! Final Match on the Edge! Ruffy, der Boxchampion Captain Confrontation!

The Last Fight: Combat! Captain Confrontation! Das Spiel ist aus Heroic Fierce Combat! The Fateful Last Battle. Heroic Fierce Combat!

It was Taken Away? Who are You? You Lost Your Memory? The Pirates Land. Get Back the Memories! A Fight With a Wild Animal.

Zoro Sharpens His Fangs! Foxy the Silver Fox. The Man of Pride! Beinahe unbesiegbar! The Nigh Invincible Man?

And a Very Dangerous Man! The Threat of the Greatest Power. Navy Headquarters Admiral Aokiji! Rubber and Ice One-on-One Fight! Luffy vs Aokiji!

Auf zur Werftinsel! Adventure in the City of Water! Aiming for the Huge Shipbuilding Dock. The Franky Family and Iceburg-san! Schock auf Dock 1 Galley La Company!

The Magnificent Dock 1. Galley La Company! Raid the Franky House! Rescue Our Friend! The Pirate Flag which Waves Sadly! The Quarrel Under the Moon!

Zusammenprall der Kapitäne Luffy vs Usopp! The Determination of the Two Duelling Men. Luffy vs Usopp! Iceburg-san Was Targeted.

The City of Water is Shaking! Bodyguard of the City of Water. The Culprit is the Strawhat Pirates? Robins dunkle Seite An Eternal Parting?

Nico Robin, the Woman who Lures the Darkness. An Eternal Parting? The Determination of the the Strawhat. We Must Catch Robin!

Cipherpol 9 schlägt zu The Signal is the Bombardment! CP9 Made its Move. The Signal is the Bombardment!

Their Shocking True Identities. CP9 Unmasked! Iceberg and Franky. The Secret Bondage! Robins Abschied Come Back, Robin!

Battle with CP9. Come Back, Robin! Was nun, Strohhutbande? Annihilation of the Strawhat Pirates? Threat of Model Leopard! The Day the Sea Train Moves.

The Day the Sea Train Trembled. The Day the Sea Train Grieved. The Last Moments of a Legendary Man! The Truth Behind the Betrayal!

The Sea Train Begins to Run. The Crew-Separating Steam Whistle! Kampf im Seezug Sanji Breaks In! The Sea Train Battle in the Storm!

Sanji Breaks In! Straw Hat Luffy Returns! Rocketman sticht in See Another Sea Train? Rocketman Sortie. Another Sea Train? Rocketman nimmt die Verfolgung auf Rescue Our Friends!

Fists that Pledge the Bond Between Enemies! Rescue Our Friends! Mitten durch die Welle Smash the Wave! Smash the Wave!

His Name is SogeKing! A Man of Mystery Appears!? Das Duell der Köche Cook Confrontation! Sanji vs Ramen Kenpo. Cook Confrontation!

Nero gegen Frankie Duel on the Roof! Franky vs Nero. Duel on the Roof! Sanji und Frankie kämpfen sich durch Crash!

Das Geheimnis um Robin Robin Struggles! Robin Struggles! The Whole Picture of Enies Lobby! The Judiciary Island! Ruffy, der Inselstürmer Operation Disembarkation Commences!

Operation Disembarkation Commences! Angriff im Alleingang Luffy Charges! Great Decisive Battle on the Judiciary Island! Luffy Charges!

Die Doriki-Messung Battle with the Giants! Open the Second Gate! Battle with the Giants! The Rocketman that Flies Through the Sky!

Open the Means of Escape! Die Zeit drängt Catch Up with Luffy! Catch Up with Luffy! Wo ist Sogeking?

Robin was Betrayed! The Expectations of the World Government! Ruffy gegen Bruno! Give Robin Back! Luffy vs Blueno!

Raise the Signal Fire of a Counterattack! Zum Zentrum der Macht Luffy in Sight! Gather at the Courthouse Square.

Luffy in Sight! Gear Second is in Motion! All for the Sake of Protecting My Friends! Robins Entscheidung Answer Us, Robin!

The Shouts of the Straw Hat Crew!! Answer Us, Robin! The Girl Called a Devil! Terror of the Buster Call. We are Nakama!! Say You Want to Live!

Ruffy und Shanks Jump Into the Falls! Jump Into the Falls! Tears Which Weaved the Bonds of Friendship! Sanji and Chopper.

Partings Which Refine Men! Stimmen der Vergangenheit All for the Sake of a Nakama! Robin in Darkness! All for the Sake of a Nakama! Jagd auf die fünf Schlüssel Retrieve the 5 Keys!

Retrieve the 5 Keys! Teuflische Verwandlung Power of the Devil Fruit! Kaku and Jabura Transform.

Power of the Devil Fruit! Wer hat die Schlüssel? My Cola is the Water of Life. Choppers dritter Rumble Ball Uncontrollable! Wie gewonnen, so zerronnen!

Boss Luffy Again! Dream or Reality Lottery Riot. Nami in der Seifenfalle Bubble User Kalifa!

Bubble User Kalifa! Spandams Fehler Resounding Bad News! Invoke the Buster Call! Resounding Bad News! Nami gegen Kalifa 5 Namis?

Counterattack Together with a Mirage! Shoot the Rampaging Chopper! Der Buster Call rückt näher! Hunter Sanji Appears?

An Elegy for the Lying Wolf. Das Bein des Teufels! The Scorching Kick! A Fierce Attack of Drawn Swords! Zoro the Fierce God! Sogeking, der Held der Stunde Spandam Shocked!

Spandam Shocked! Robins Befreiung Robin Released! Robin Released! Pursue the Missing Great Sakura.

The Criminal is Boss Luffy? Gear Third Activates. Rob Lucci The Frightening Past! Dark Justice and Rob Lucci. The Frightening Past!

Rette sich, wer kann An Illusionary Mermaid Appears? Within Fading Consciousness. An Illusionary Mermaid Appears? The Island Sinking by Gunfire!

Wo bleibt Ruffy? Wait for Luffy! Mortal Combat on the Bridge of Hesitation! The Feelings Shown With Fists! A Friend, From the Sea! The Path to Victory is for the Pirates.

The Snow on the Sea of Farewells. Thank You, Merry! Der Plan für ein neues Schiff Disturbed Peace! Disturbed Peace! Luffys Father.

Strongest Family! The Whereabouts of the Great Route. Its Name is the New World! Ein denkwürdiges Treffen Shanks Moves!

Shanks Moves! Erkundungstour durch Water Seven! The Girl Searching for Yagara! Great Investigation in The Water Metropolis. Zorros neue Familie!

The Mother is Strong! Sanji Shocked! The Crew of Over Million. Everyone Is Finally Wanted! Franky mal ganz anders Farewell, My Beloved Followers!

Franky Departs. Farewell, My Beloved Followers! Departing The Water Metropolis! Wanted Posters Circulated!

The Most Evil Ability. The Sunny and a Dangerous Trap. The Mysterious Party of Pirates! Kopfgeldjäger unter falscher Flagge Sunny in a Pinch!

Roar, the Secret Super-Speed Mecha. Sunny in a Pinch! Die Piratenfahne ist weg! The Dream Sinking in the New World! Pasul, the Pirate Without Hope.

Die Auftragskiller greifen an The Assasins Attack! The Great Battle on Ice Begins. The Assasins Attack! Angriff der magnetischen Zwillinge Stifling Full Throttle!

Stifling Full Throttle! Die Strohhutbande bricht aus! The Mansion of Great Chaos! The Angry Don and the Imprisoned Crew.

The Phoenix Returns! The Red Hot Decisive Battle! Auf in die neue Welt! Waiting In The New World!

Farewell To The Couragious Pirate. Chopperman in Aktion! Chopperman Goes Into Action! Disembarking on Thriller Bark.

One Strange Phenomenon after Another! Hogback Appears! A Man Calles a Genius! The Zombie Mansion and the Invisible Man.

Nami in Big Trouble! Hogbacks Gruselkabinett The Mystery of the Zombies! The Mystery of the Zombies! Wer ist Gecko Moria? His Name is Moria!

Zombie Song Feast! Peronas Wundergarten Full of Animals? Full of Animals? Das Verschwinden der Strohhutbande!

The Disappearing of the Straw Hat Crew! The Mysterious Swordsman Appears! Ein Hoch auf die Ritterlichkeit!

Remaining Chivalry! The Traitorous Zombie that Protects Nami. Alles Gute kommt von oben Coming from the Sky!

That Man is the Humming Swordsman! Coming from the Sky! Ruffy in höchster Not! Luffy In An Emergency!

The Restling Place of the Strongest Shadow! The Warrior called a Demon! Oz, der Dämon aus dem Land aus Eis! An Awakening after Years!

Ozu Revives. Zoro and Kuina's Vow! Famous Cook! Sanji of the Sea Restaurant! Unwelcome Customer! Sanji's Food and Ghin's Debt! The Strongest Pirate Fleet!

Commodore Don Krieg! Protect Baratie! Hawk-Eye Mihawk! The Emerge of the Super Kicking Skill! Sanji vs. The Iron Wall Pearl.

Zeff and Sanji's Dream! The Sea of Dreams - All Blue. The Coldhearted Devil-man. Gin, the Pirate Fleet Battle Commander.

I Won't Die! Conclusion: Luffy vs. Outcome of a Deadly Battle! The Spear Inside! Sea Chef and Luffy Travel Together!

Usopp's Death'! Luffy - Yet To Land? Usopp Tells Nami's True Story. The Hidden Past! Female Fighter Bellemere!

The Mother Bellemere and Nami's Family! Luffy Stands Up! End of a Broken Promise! Luffy in Trouble! Fishmen vs. Luffy Pirates! Luffy Drowning!

Zoro vs. Octopus Hatchan! Proud, Tall Warriors! Dramatic Battle of Sanji and Usopp! Luffy's Best! Nami's Courage and the Straw Hat.

Bursting Out! The End of the Fishman Empire! Nami is my Comrade! Setting off with a Smile! Farewell my Hometown, Cocoyashi Village!

Following the Straw Hat! Little Buggy's Big Adventure. You've Been Waiting For It! The Return of Captain Buggy!

Sandai Kitetsu and Yubashiri! Usopp vs. Daddy The Father! Showdown at High Noon! A Burning Culinary Battle' Sanji vs. The Gorgeous Chef.

Buggy's Revenge! The Man who Smiles at the Execution Platform! The Legend has Begun! Head to the Grand Line. Foreboding of a New Adventure!

The Puzzling Girl, Apis. The Holy Beast! Apis' Secret and the Legendary Island. Erik's Raid! Great Escape from Gunkan Island! Lone Island in a Distant Sea!

The Legendary Lost Island. Duel in the Ruins! Strained Zoro vs. Luffy, Completely Surrounded! Admiral Nelson's Secret Plan.

Those who Soar in the Open Skies! Revival of the Year Legend. Angry Finale! Cross the Red Line! Exploding Santouryu!

Baroque Works! A Serious Fight! Luffy vs. Zoro: The Unexpected Duel! Deliver Princess Vivi! Luffy Pirates Depart. Try Hard, Koby!

Diary of Koby-Meppo's Marine Struggles. Koby-Meppo's Determination! Vice Admiral Garp's Fatherly Pride. Prehistoric Island! The Shadow Lurking in Little Garden!

Humongous Battle! The Giants Dorry and Brogy! Luffy's Anger! A Dirty Trick in a Sacred Battle. Brogy Wails in Victory!

Elbaf's Judgement. The Devil's Candle! Tears of Regret and Tears of Anger. Luffy Attacked by Magic! Colors Trap. Critical Counterattack!

Usopp's Quick Wit and Kaenboshi! Farewell to the Giants' Island! On to Alabasta. The Bliking and Wapol the Tin-man. Dalton's Resolve! Wapol's Forces Land.

Island that Lives in Snow! Ascend The Drum Rockies! The Blue-Nosed Reindeer! Chopper's Secret.

Dream of the Outcasts! The Quack Doctor Hiruluk. Hiruluk's Cherry Blossoms and Inherited Will. Wapol's Army Corps! The Abilities of the Baku Baku Fruit!

Devil's Fruit of the Zoan Family! Chopper's Seven-Level Transformation. When the Kingdom's Rule is Over!

The Flag of Conviction Lasts Forever. Hiruluk's Cherry Blossoms! Miracle of the Drum Rockies. Farewell, Drum Island! I'm Going Out to Sea!

The Hero of Alabasta and the Ballerina on Deck. Coming to the Desert Kingdom! Reunion of the Powerful! His Name is Fire Fist Ace.

Ace and Luffy! Warm Memories and Brotherly Bonds. Adventure in the Country of Sand! The Demons that Live in the Scorching Earth. Here Come the Desert Pirates!

The Men who Live Free. Spirit of the Fakes! Heart of the Rebel Army, Kamyu! Rebel Warrior Kohza! The Dream Sworn to Vivi!

Showdown in a Heat Haze! Ace vs. Ruins and Lost Ones! Vivi, Comrades, and the Shape of a Country. A Tearful Vow for Comrades.

The Alabasta War Front! City of Dreams, Rainbase. Trap in a Desperate Situation! Breaking Into Rain Dinners. Operation Utopia Commences!

The Wave of Rebellion Begins to Move. The Fearsome Bananawani and Mr. Doru Doru Ball! Merciless Fight to the Death! The Miracle Sprint!

Alabasta the Animal Land. Rebel Army vs. Royal Army! The Battle will be in Alubarna! Alubarna is Crying! Fierce Fight of Captain Carue!

Swear on Your Comrade's Dream! Battle at Molehill 4th Avenue. Today's Grand Performance! Mane Mane Montage!

Transforming Into Nami! Nami's Whirlwind Warning! Clima Tact Explosion. Secret of the Royal Family! The Ancient Weapon, Pluton. Essence of a Mighty Sword!

The Battle is Over! Kohza Flies the White Flag. Vivi's Voice Goes Unheard! A Hero Descends! Sand Crocodile and Water Luffy!

Death Match: Round 2. Smells Like Croc! Run to the Tomb of the Royal Family, Luffy! The Nightmare Draws Near! Secret Base of the Sand Sand Clan.

Magnificent Wings! I Will Surpass You! Rain Falls on Alabasta! A Farewell to Arms! Pirates and a Little Justice. Everything Began that Day!

Vivi Tells of her Adventures! Beware her Scent! The Seventh One is Nico Robin! The First Patient! Anecdote of the Rumble Ball.

The Navigator's Mutiny! For an Unwavering Dream! Inherited Recipe! Sanji the Curry Expert. I'll Make it Bloom!

Manly Usopp's Eight-Shaku Ball. Infamous Pirate Hunter! The Wandering Swordsman, Zoro. Where the Island's Treasure Lies! Zenny Pirates Full Charge!

Legend of the Rainbow Mist! Ruluka Island and the Old Man Henzo. Inhabitants of Neverland! The Pumpkin Pirates!

A Longing for Home! The Inescapable Pirate Graveyard! Frantic Struggle! Whetton's Plans and the Rainbow Tower. And Then the Legend Begins!

To the End of the Rainbow. The Log is Taken! Salvage King, Masira! Monsters Appear! Don't Touch the Whitebeard Pirates. Stop Dreaming! The City of Ridicule, Mock Town!

A Pirate's Height! The Legendary Family! Hard Turn to the Clouds! Find the Southbird! Dreams Don't Come True! The Saruyama Alliance.

The Million Man! Sail into the Sky! Ride the Knock-Up Stream. This is the Sea of the Sky! The Knight of the Sky and Heaven's Gate. Godland Skypiea!

The Angels Of the Cloud Beach. Forbidden Sacred Ground! Criminals Already! Can we Escape! Trap on Lovely Street!

Almighty God Enel. Go Forth, Little Crow! To the Sacrificial Altar. Priest Satori with the Power of Mantra!

Peril of the Ordeal of Balls! Fight to the Death in the Lost Forest. Chopper's in Danger! Former God vs. Shinto priest Shura.

Ever Mysterious! Ordeal of String and Ordeal of Love!? Light the Fire of Shandia! Wiper the Warrior. Floating Land of Gold, Jaya! To God's Shrine!

Eve of Gold Festival! Feelings Toward 'Vearth'! God Enel Appears! Aubade to the Survivors. The Python Strikes! The Survival Game Begins. The Life-Threatening Reject!

War Demon Wiper's Resolve. Fierce Sky Battle! Pirate Zoro vs. Fighter Braham. Howling Burn Bazooka!! Pirate Luffy vs. Wiper the Berserker.

Ordeal of Swamp! Pirate Chopper vs Gedatsu!! The Invincible Ability! Enel's True Nature Revealed.

The Vanished City! The Magnificent Ruins of Shandora!! Pirate Chopper vs. Shinto Priest Ohm. Climb Giant Jack!! Showdown in the Upper Ruins.

Ultimate Test of the Ordeal of Iron! The White-Barbed Death Match!! Gushing Blade Attack! Pirate Zoro vs Shinto Priest Ohm!!

The Upper Ruins Crumble! The Quintet Finale!! Battle in the Ancient Ruins! God Enel's Desire!! Finally Clashing!

Pirate Luffy vs God Enel!! Maxim Rises! The Start of Deathpiea!! Luffy's Fall! God's Judgement and Nami's Desire!!

Two People Awaken! A Rescue in Front of Burning Love!! Capriccio to Destruction! The Impending Doom of Sky Island!! Guidance from the Sound of a Bell!

The Great Warrior and Tales of an Explorer. Released from Disgrace! The Tears of the Great Warrior!! Eternal Friendship!

The Destruction of Angel Island! Terror of The Descending Raigou!! Chop Down Giant Jack! The Last Hope of Escaping. The Miracle in God's Country!

A Love Song Heard by Angels. The War Draws to a Close! Ringing War and Wide, the Proud Fantasia. I Have Come Here! The Weaving of the Poneglyphs.

Now Heading Towards the Blue Sea! Memories of an Interwoven Finale. Emergency Announcement! An Infamous Pirate Ship has Invaded!

Sanji the Chef! Zoro's Imprisonment and Chopper's Emergency Operation! Another of the Crew is Captured!

Luffy and Sanji's Determination! The Great Escape Plan! The Squadron of Burning Souls Attack! Battle on the Bridge!

Breaking Through Enemy Lines! The Rescue of the Going Merry! The Pirate Ship Disappears! Stronghold Battle, Round 2. The Pirate Round-Up Plan!

Jonathon's Secret Winning Strategy! So Long, Marine Base! The Final Battle for Freedom. Round 1! One Lap of the Donut Race. Foxy the Silver Fox!

A Violent Interference. Round 2! Shoot into the Groggy Ring! Rapid-Fire Red Cards! Groggy Ring. Round 3!

Round and Round Roller Race! Burning Roller Race! Dash into the Final Round! The Screaming Speed Serve! Pirate Dodgeball!

Final Match on the Edge! Dharma has Fallen! Captain Confrontation! The Last Fight: Combat! Heroic Fierce Combat! The Fateful Last Battle.

Lost' Stolen' Who are You? Get Back the Memories! The Pirates Land. Zoro Sharpens His Fangs! A Fight with a Wild Animal.

The Man of Pride! Foxy the Silver Fox. Marine High Admiral Aokiji! The Threat of the Greatest Power. Luffy vs Aokiji! Running Sea Train!

The City of Water, Water 7. The Adventure in the City of Water! Aim for the Giant Shipyard. The Franky Family and Iceburg! Galley-La Company!

The Magnificent Dock 1. Rescuing a Friend! The Raid on the Franky House. Quarrel in the Moonlight! The Pirate Ship Trembles in Sadness.

Luffy vs Usopp! The Spirit of the Clashing Men. The City of Water is Shaking! Iceburg was Targeted! Rubberman vs Fire-Breathing Cyborg.

Catch Robin! The Determination of the Straw Hat Pirates. The Signal is the Explosion! CP9 Starts to Move. CP9 Unmasked! Their Shocking True Faces.

The Secret Bond! Franky and Iceburg. Come Back, Robin! The Confrontation with CP9. The Man who is Loved by his Ship!

Usopp's Tears! Franky's Past! The Day the Sea Train Ran. Spandam's Conspiracy! The Day the Sea Train Shook. The End of the Legendary Man! The Day the Sea Train Cried.

The Truth Behind the Betrayal! Robin's Sorrowful Decision! The Steam Whistle Separates the Group!

The Sea Train Begins to Run. Sanji Breaks In! The Sea Train Battle in the Storm! The Shout of Nami's Soul!

The Return of the Straw Hat! Another Sea Train! Rocket Man Sortie. Rescue our Friends! The Oath that Links the Enemies.

Smash the Wave! Luffy and Zoro, The Strongest Combo! A Man of Mystery Appears! Cook Confrontation! Sanji vs Ramen Kenpo. Duel on the Roof!

Franky vs Nero! Robin Struggles! Sogeking's Clever Scheme!! The Judiciary Island! The Full Picture of Enies Lobby! Operation Disembarkation Commences!

Luffy Charges In! Great Decisive Battle on the Judiciary Island! Battle with the Giants! Open the Second Door! The Means of Escaping is Opened!

Fly through the Sky, Rocketman! Catch Up with Luffy! Robin was Betrayed! The Expectations of the World Government!

Give Robin Back! Don't Stop! Raise the Signal Fire of a Counterattack! Luffy is in Sight! Gather at the Courthouse Plaza.

All for the Sake of Protecting My Friends! Gear Second in Motion. Answer Us, Robin! The Outcries of the Straw Hat Crew!!

Robin's Past! The Girl who was Called a Demon! The Fated Parent and Child! The Mother's Name is Olvia! Tragedy of Ohara! Fear of Buster Call!

Say You Want to Live! We are Comrades!!! Jump Into the Falls! Luffy's Feelings!! A Man's Way of Life!

Zoro's Techniques, Usopp's Dream. Tears Which Weaved the Bond of Comrades! Nami's World Map. Separation Refines a Man!

Sanji and Chopper. All for my Comrades' Sake! The Darkness Within Robin! The Blueprints Aren't Passed! Franky's Decision.

Retrieve the 5 Keys! Power of the Devil Fruit! Kaku and Jyabura Transform. Sanji's Manly Chivalry. Zoro's New Technique Explodes!

The Katana's Name is Sogeking? Chopper's Forbidden Rumble. Boss Luffy Returns! A Dream or Reality Lottery Trouble. The Great Mochimaki Race to the Castle!

Conspiracy of the Red Nose. Bubble User Kalifa! Nami Draws Near to the Soap's Trap. The Resounding Bad News!

The Buster Call is Invoked. Nami's Determination! Shoot the Rampaging Chopper! Full Course of Sanji's Footwork.

The Drawn Sword's Fierce Attack! Kaku Powerful Slash Showdown. Zoro the Fierce God! Spandam's Shock! A Hero Stands on the Tower of Justice.

Robin's Liberation! Lucci: Peak of the Decisive Battle. Gear Third Activates. The Terrifying Past! Dark Justice and Rob Lucci.

The Island Sinking in Gunfire! Franky's Outcry of Regret. Wait for Luffy! Fight to the Death on the Bridge of Hesitation!

Feelings Put Into Fists! Luffy's Full-Power Gatling. A Friend Approaches from the Sea! The Crew's Great Escape! The Victor's Path is for the Pirates.

Thank You Merry! The Sea of Separation in the Snow. The Disturbance of Peace! The Vice-Admiral with the Fist of Love.

Its Name is The New World! The Whereabouts of the Great Grand Line! Shanks Moves! Ceremony to the Rampaging Age. The Girl Searching for the Yagara!

Great Investigation in the Water Metropolis! The Mother is Strong! Zoro's Slapstick Housework Help. Sanji Crashes! Everyone's Finally Wanted!

The King of Beasts that will Cross the Ocean! The Dream Ship's Magnificent Completion!

Episode : Ein wahres Crewmitglied. The Zombie Mansion and the Invisible Man. The Man who is Denny laine by his Ship! As Orochi lashes out Toko, Komurasaki steps in and slaps. We Are Your Friends!! Der Vernichtungskrieg beginnt. Angry Finale! Https:// kidnappt Eric mit einem Ruderboot Ryu und Abiz. Episode : Beinahe unbesiegbar! Aktuelle Videos. Fierce Fight of Captain Carue! Er lebt seit die fГјnf tore Jahren auf der Insel und Chopper ist oh je Meinung, dass er schwer krank ist und nur noch drei Tage zu leben hat.

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